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 France's Ban on Burqas Takes Effect: Infringement on Religious Freedom?
France's Ban on Burqas Takes Effect: Infringement on Religious Freedom?
In general we think laws are a good thing, because a lot of them are supposed to keep us safe and make our lives easier. But when the people behind a law acknowledge that enforcing it might cause more harm than good, does that law have a point? French officials have said that applying the country’s newly enacted ban on the burka, the full-face covering worn by some Muslim women, is going to be pretty hard to do, and will almost certainly have to be enforced on a case-by-case basis. picked by B-MoreRavensFan 6 months ago
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6 months ago
a) make them take it off.
b) dont allow them places where identification is required.

Pick one. Doesn't matter which one. You can't win. Either choice will drive emo activists into a frenzy because it forbids something representing a currently controversial religion.

Would be nice if everyone could pull their heads out of their asses for once and realize that burqas have never been about religion and have always been one of many means that fundamentalist Muslim men have institutionalized the oppression of women. If I see a poor defenseless Muslim women getting beaten to death by men hurling rocks at her, you can bet your ass I'll be stopping that nonsense too.

Besides, it's obvious. If God created women to wear burqas, then He wouldn't have given them nose-hairs.
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6 months ago
I find it funny that this article wasn't in some kind of human rights watchdog newsletter, but on a fashion website.
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6 months ago
America couls take a good look at europe right now and see if we do not change our ways we are headed for the same things....those who do not know their h istory are doomed to repeat it
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6 months ago
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6 months ago
The women are not being forced to wear them.

The government shouldn't get involved except for where covering the face would represent a danger or would interfere with identifying someone.

High heels, ultra-tight clothing, short micro skirts, cleavage enhancing bras, see-through tops, and more can all be physically harmful to women - more so than a burqa. Some claim they are demeaning to women by turning them into a sex object. Should these be banned as well?

No of course not. Neither should the burqa as long as the wearing of it is a choice.

Are ski masks allowed during winter months? What about hats that have a veil on them? What about a scarfs worn over the face? Is it only Muslim burqas that are banned or is it anything that covers the face except the eyes?
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6 months ago
In my opinion it shouldn't be forced upon, it should be a choice.
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