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Tweak your neighbor's news stories Posted: 6 months ago by 2manyusernames
A new device allows you to manipulate the news read by people on unsecured WiFi hotspots.
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Drew Peterson wants to start dating again Posted: 4 years ago by bevissimo
While relatives and friends observed Stacy's 24th birthday, the main suspect in her disappearance — her husband — is going public with his desire to start dating...he’s posed for the cover of People magazine. And this week, he called Steve Dahl’s popular morning radio show in Chicago to propose a “Win a Date With Drew” contest.

oooh, sign me up
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From Jim Crow to Barack Obama: Longtime White House butler dies Posted: 2 years ago by NoPantsMan
Eugene Allen began working at the White House when racial segregation laws banned him from using public facilities in his native state of Virginia and lived to celebrate the inauguration of the nation's first African-American president. He died this week at age 90
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UPS driver has UPS truck for his hearse Posted: 3 years ago by BernardBlack
A UPS driver loved his job so much that when he died this week, his body was transported from the funeral home to the cemetery in a UPS truck.
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‘Sex, Lies and Texting’ Posted: 4 years ago by bevissimo
Once known as America's first hip-hop mayor, Kilpatrick, 37, had notably toned down his living-large lifestyle in his second term as the mayor of Motown. But this week, his partying past caught up with him. The Detroit Free Press published text messages between Kilpatrick (who is married with children) and his chief of staff, Christine Beatty (divorced with children), that seem to confirm what both have denied under oath: that they had an illicit affair.
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Man Sentenced In Kitty Porn Case Posted: 1 year ago by dollyllama
A Florida man who told police that his cat somehow downloaded child pornography onto his computer was sentenced this week to more than 12 years in prison.
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Only Science Teachers may call Creationism "Nonsense" Posted: 3 years ago by equinox
When a high school history teacher told his students that creationism was “superstitious nonsense,” he violated a student’s First Amendment rights, a Federal judge ruled this week. "Just as the government shouldn’t promote religion, he writes, the government shouldn’t actively disapprove of religion either."
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The St Valentine's Day porker: Piglet born with heart-shaped spots Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
A cute little piglet born with heart-shaped markings on his side is the centre of attention as lovers gear up for Valentine's Day this week. The 10-day-old Gloucester Old Spot piglet christened Valentine - what else? - is one of a litter of seven born at Byford's Farm in Taynton, near Newent, Glos.
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Bernie Madoff's Son Found Dead Posted: 12 months ago by suebe
Mark Madoff, the 46-year-old son of Bernie Madoff, was found dead in his Manhattan apartment this morning in an apparent suicide. Earlier this week, Mark and his brother Andrew were sued by the trustee handling Bernie's victims' claims.
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Skateboarder 'sorry' for naked rooftop incident Posted: 2 years ago by bornbad
Professional skateboarder Jereme Rogers said Wednesday he was sorry for disturbing his Redondo Beach neighbors this week when he "ate some `mushrooms' and bugged out," preaching naked on his rooftop.
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John McCain Fights Back vs. Jackson Browne Posted: 3 years ago by ImNotBlue
The singer/songwriter sued McCain in August after the Republican candidate... used his song, “Running on Empty,” in a campaign commercial... At the time, many didn’t take the legal threat very seriously, but based on two motions filed this week in U.S. District Court in California, the McCain campaign sure does.
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Wisconsin man's memory so precise, he's like a human datebook. Posted: 4 years ago by RowanGrey
Name a date and Brad Williams can recall with almost perfect clarity what major events happened on that day, what he ate, what day of the week it was, and what the weather was like.

*Interestingly, this man does NOT appear to have savant syndrome. Otherwise, I would have thought his ability was similar to this guy's.
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Prison justice Posted: 10 months ago by zircon77777
A man convicted with imprisoning his daughter and fathering seven children with her was one of the six inmates killed earlier this week in a prison riot in northeastern Brazil, authorities said Wednesday.
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Ochocinco fined $20K for $1 "bribe" Posted: 2 years ago by bigirishdude
Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has been fined for a stunt he pulled during a game. He shows no remorse for the gag, saying his fine fund will take another hit this week. "Just wait till you see what I do in Pittsburgh."

I think he should be fined every day for changing his name. I still call him Chad Johnson, but it wouldn't show up in a search.
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Thief uses donuts to steal $20,000 computer for the second time Posted: 3 years ago by equinox
Back in 2005 a $20,000 diagnostic computer went missing from an auto repair garage. At the same time, Rodney resigned his job and disappeared. This week Rodney returned to his old workplace with donuts and coffee for his ex-coworkers. While employees were distracted noshing on their decoy, Rodney does the unbelievable - and it's even sillier than you think.
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Manatee rehab and release Posted: 4 years ago by badbud
Sharpie the manatee was injured by fin entanglement and also had boat propeller wounds on his back when he was found. After months of rehab he was returned to the gulf this week. On average only 60 manatees are able to be rescued and rehabilitated every year. There were more than 500 deaths in 2007, more than half due to boating related injuries.

The Florida House recently voted to eliminate the funding that reimburses these
resuce groups, although the Senate has voted to continue funding for these programs.

This is after last years suggestion by the Federal Wildlife Service that sea cows could be downgraded to threatened on the federal endanger species list. The agency has not recommended that step, pending a Florida's wildlife commission population study after much pressure from conservation groups and Gov. Charlie Crist.
There was also a cancellation of this years manatee count due to warm weather and an "overhaul" of the formula they use to determine the count.

(I like sea cows, I kayak with them. I'll shut up now)
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