Brooklyn Man Still In Jail 5 Years After Charges Dismissed Posted: 7 months ago by NoPantsMan
Oswind David was sentenced to 23 years in Sing Sing because a jury was not aware that a judge has tossed out David's indictments due to a prosecutorial error. You will be disgusted by the prosecutor's justification for keeping him in prison.
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Posted: 6 months ago by DannyboyO1:
Logically, all DA's must not be completely and utterly worthless. They must not all become so totally jaded by years of seeing the worst of man and arguing with conviction for convictions. They are not all conniving, win-at-all-costs, f-the-defendant-he's-guilty-of-SOMETHING (because everyone is guilty of something, right? Like evidence tampering, lying to juries, and themselves.)

They can't all be worse humans than those they incarcerate. But the ones who make the news certainly manage it.
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