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 Catholic maternity wards 'face closure' if abortion law passes
Catholic maternity wards 'face closure' if abortion law passes
Victorian Catholic Archbishop Denis Hart has warned today that Catholic hospitals could close their maternity departments if the State Government's proposed abortion law is passed. picked by muppet 3 years ago
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3 years ago
I don't really get it. The point is for it to be a choice. If you wish to have an abortion, then don't ask a doctor at a Catholic hospital... or just require that the hospital refer to a non-Catholic Hospital for the abortion referal. I don't see how forcing a doctor to refer an abortion doctor should be necessary. OR if anything, require them to refer to Planned Parenthood for service referals. OR to do one better, take away the choice and force the woman to have the unwanted child. That will really save the doctors alot of heart ache. Poor doctors. Yeah, that makes more sense...... :(
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3 years ago
The title implies that if there are more abortions, there won't be enough babies born to warrant the hospital!

And why would the doctors have any more trouble referring people to another hospital than they do now? All they have to say is "we don't do terminations here", and the woman either stays or leaves!

I just really don't understand why they would make a statement like this....

Maybe if the "Catholic" hospitals close, the pagan community can open some. "Sane medical care at sane prices".
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1 year ago
abortion isn't about choice. It's about murder. All Catholic health care facilities must accept this. They have a moral obligation to protect life at all stages from conception to natural death.
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