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 Community police officers caught 'hiding behind a tree' while girls beat up 55-year-old
Community police officers caught 'hiding behind a tree' while girls beat up 55-year-old
Two police community support officers are under investigation after they were spotted hiding behind a tree as a man was beaten up by three teenage girls. picked by AutumnLotus 4 years ago
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4 years ago
I want to know why the teenage girls were beating an elderly man? That's horrible. Even more so, that those jackasses saw it, and didn't stop it.
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4 years ago
The embarrassing incident comes just weeks after it was revealed that two PCSOs looked on while a boy of 10 drowned in a lake.

The support officers in that case claimed they were not adequately trained to rescue Jordon Lyon as he struggled for his life in Wigan in May.
What causes these people to become so incompetent at life? I mean, you just can't make this s**t up.
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4 years ago
Community support officers are so ineffectual it's unbelievable. I think they get paid around £25k a year - wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to actually hire police officers?

This is a horrible story and makes you wonder what has to happen before they lose their jobs. There was also the recent article about them leaving a young boy to drown because they didn't have the "training". They are a total waste of time.
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4 years ago
yea that is horrible! but i think more down to them not being trained well enough before they go out on the streets is the problem. my dads a policemen and he says the ones where he works work really hard and they useful and actually do their job! i guess its down to certain areas and the individual, and how well they were trained...
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4 years ago
I've said it befor and I'll say it agin, PCSO's are a waste of time and taxpayers money. I don't see why we can't just employ more proper Police Officers.
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