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 List of The Most Unusual Restaurants in the World
List of The Most Unusual Restaurants in the World
some examples : waitstuff are twins, kids, dwarfs, deaf, blind, have mental disorder, robots, 'entertainingly rude', etc; or guests may decide how much to pay, 'release anger', cook, catch fish, harvest vegetables, etc; most expensive, oldest, highest/deepest, biggest/smallest, north/southernmost restaurants, & restaurants with unusual food, location or entertainment. picked by Ulaa 4 years ago
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4 years ago
The website could be a little more aesthically pleasing, but the information is interesting. Nice find!
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4 years ago
I have been to d**k's Last Resort (the "rude" place). I will never, ever, ever go there again. They were successful at being rude, but it was NOT entertain. My waiter ignored us and we had to ask multiple times for service - then he insulted us after we told him we wanted service.

On the other hand... the Chodovar Beer Spa (in Chodov Plan, Czech Republic) looks AWESOME.

For Real Beer Spa bath for 1 Person which includes a 20 Minutes bath, 20 minutes relaxation, and two .3 liters of Lager Beer PLUS an hour massage is only 950 Czech Koruna....which (according to today's exchange rage) is $48 US Dollars

I mean - who wouldn't love to take a nice relaxing beer bath?
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4 years ago
I had eaten at Canter's several times, and hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary. They are supposed to have rude waitresses. They weren't especially rude, or overly fawning, either.

Also, not listed it The Stinking Rose! Yummy garlic everything! The restaurant in San Francisco is quite whimsical, and fun. Always a crowd, and parking is scary. The one in LA is in the old Lowry's, and kinda has retain a ghost of stuffiness, but the food and prices are as awesome as the one in San Fran. The also sell shirts and sauces and other fun things. The only source I have found on teh Left Coast for datyl pepper sauce, yum!

The LA one used to have a cigar store and smoking lounge attached as well.... Need to go to that one again soon....
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4 years ago
I agree that the website needs some tweaking. And I guess I will have to go on about the modern toilet. That interesting choice for decor. My most interesting restaurant experience is Medieval Times. Lots of fun.
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