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 Travis Barker Remix (Soulja Boy - Crank That)
Travis Barker Remix (Soulja Boy - Crank That) [video]
A lot of stuff passes for music nowadays. This video shows Travis Barker making an unbearable song bearable with his skillful drumming.

In case you haven't heard the original, here's the link. Watch it at your own discretion. :P picked by 86Apex 4 years ago
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4 years ago
It would have been a lot more bearable if that guy would just shut up. Travis, on the other hand, is excellent as usual.
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4 years ago
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4 years ago
Go Travis! - I remember Mark (former Blink-182 bassist, now playing in Plus44) said: "Travis is the band here, I can barely play my instrument - Tavis, shows some tricks"
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4 years ago
i love rap/hip-hop
i love rock

Travis is kick ass
but the real reason it sounds so much better is because they added not only drums, but guitars to give it a rock feel.

and let's face it anything is better than the original.
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4 years ago
« nesbyniccolo : 

....and let's face it anything is better than the original.
true dat. truuuueee that.
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4 years ago
That was great!
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4 years ago
It was good, but there was something in the mix that kept coming through and ruining it. I think it was the original track. Take that down a bit more and that would have been great.

Needed more cowbell though.
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