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 Drug connotation nixes license plate
Drug connotation nixes license plate
A Nevada woman is going to court to keep her XSTACY license plates, saying they're not a drug reference as determined by state motor vehicles officials. picked by AutumnLotus 4 years ago
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4 years ago
What kind of ass has time in the day to call and complain about a license plate?
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4 years ago
Okay, I have said it many times before and I will probably say it again, this is another case of appeasing the one (the person lodging the complaint) contrary to the many. We spend more time trying to please everyone that we end up pleasing nobody. I think Stacy should keep the plate and the person lodging the complaint should get the plate WHINER
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4 years ago
I was denied this....

MOBULL. (For mobile)

As I have bull terriers and one is a certified therapy dog ...Thought it would be a cute play on we travel around.

I tried to plea my case, per phone call only and they said it went to a review board and even though I told them WHAT it was in reference to, they thought it sounded like "more bulls**t"

So, I have regular old plates.
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