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 And death by stupidity...
And death by stupidity...
Do not ask me why or how I search for / find this stuff. I myself do not know. picked by Moe 4 years ago
tags Louis Slotin radiation Los Alamos plutonium uranium stupid
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4 years ago
I've seen the movie Fat Man Little Boy. It is not about pedophilia. It doesn't seem like this was a death by stupidity. Not really a Darwin award death. The experiment just went wrong. It happens I guess. Good find though.
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4 years ago was most definitely stupidity.

Normally when this sort of thing was done, there were shunts in place to prevent this exact thing from occurring. But old Louis was too cool for that. He had to hold the damn thing up with a freaking screwdriver. NOT part of the experiment protocols.

ALSO, another guy had also DIED in the same facility nine months prior! Doing the exact same experiment! And get this - with the exact. same. cores.
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4 years ago
Wow...I learned something new here. I love it when that happens. It is tragic, and yes, perhaps, stupid.
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4 years ago
It is a good thing that someone experiments and does the testing. However, some people think they are invinceable. Did others learn from this? We can only hope so.
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4 years ago
SO many scientists throughout history have done daring/stupid things to advance the cause/their own curiosity. I can't remember the name, but one fellow, I've read, who was one of the first chemists had a proclivity to tasting (just a dab on his fingertip) a bit of every new substance that he ran tests on...
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