Mystery of 16 poisoned dogs: Pets die in agony minutes after walking in field Posted: 5 months ago by midnightbliss10
A popular dog walking spot has been closed after 16 pets mysteriously died or became ill.

Officials suspect the animals may have been poisoned, but no one knows if they were deliberately targeted or died by accident.
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10 Hot Products to Keep Your Pet Cool Posted: 4 years ago by ordinarychick
Pets love to be outdoors in any season, but summers are especially dangerous times for them. Here are ten innovative pet products to keep your pets cool during the dog days of summer:
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Pictured: The world's fattest pets Posted: 3 years ago by AutumnLotus
They say dogs are like their owners.

Well if these pictures of the world's fattest pets are anything to go by, there must be some obese dogs-lovers out there, as well as cat and guinea pig owners.
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Foods to Avoid Feeding your Dogs (and pets in general). Posted: 4 years ago by muppet
There was a really great complete list of bad foods posted on the internet awhile ago. haven't been able to find it in my recent searches, though. this list here is rather basic, but still surprising for the people who had never thought to think certain foods other than chocolate could be bad for their pets. definitely worth reading through.
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Pets imitate humans, study says Posted: 4 years ago by henkspaan
Over time, animals are likely to pick up their owners’ characteristics.

Results of the yearlong study, which will continue for the next six months, show that pets and their owners share many personality traits.
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Hair of the dog: Animal lovers turn dead pets' coats into woolly jumpers Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
When dog lovers Beth and Brian Willis's beloved pets died they found a way to remember them that left them feeling warm all over. They combed their carpets for hair left by their pedigree pets then had it spun into yarn, which Beth knitted into his 'n' hers winter warmers. And twelve years later, their hair of the dog memorials are still in use.
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Number of Abandoned Pets Soars by Almost 60% 'Due to Credit Crunch' Posted: 2 years ago by iamamaniac
Animal welfare charity - the RSPCA - see a 57% increase in the number of pets abandoned by their owners as the credit crunch hits household finances.
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Illinois Woman Charged With Keeping Hundreds of Dead, Abused Animals on Property Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
A Lee County woman pleaded not guilty to 10 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty and not caring for her pets, four days after authorities found more than 200 dead animals scattered on her property, stuffed in the refrigerator, strewn across floors and packed into barrels.
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Pet Millionaires: Seven Cats and Dogs Who Are Actually Richer than You* Posted: 2 years ago by bingo
Sure, there will always be people who have more money than you, but did you realize that some pets do, too? Here are seven dogs and seven cats that have money to burn!

*Lots richer
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Animal attachments: a helping hand for injured pets Posted: 2 years ago by AutumnLotus
Plenty of injured animals and pets have received a helping hand from human invention.
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Virtual Dog-Walking Posted: 4 years ago by gnikgnok
"Basically you have to walk on a treadmill while holding this white dog's leash."

At least this way you don't have to carry excrement around in a little plastic bag.
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Pets 'slaughtered for food in Zimbabwe' Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
Pets are being slaughtered for meat in shortage-stricken Zimbabwe and record numbers of animals have been surrendered to shelters or abandoned by owners no longer able to feed them.
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Fat Pets Posted: 4 years ago by gnikgnok
and by fat I mean really freakin' obese! I swear there's a pic of my parent's dog and cat on this site...
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Piddling Pets Piss Off People Posted: 3 years ago by suebe
Of all the things to take issue with about the streets of Shanghai, it seems like the worst nuisance are “pets piddling in public.” Yep, pets letting loose their bowels ranked higher than illegal street vendors, spitting, graffiti and noise. As one university student put it, “Letting pets urinate or defecate in public deprives the animals of self-respect. A true animal lover wouldn't allow that to happen.”
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15 Unique Breeds of Dogs Posted: 3 years ago by cactushair
There are scores of dog breeds - from hairless to long-haired and wire-haired, toy dogs, companionship and ornamental dogs, sporting dogs, herding and flocking dogs and many others. Here are some distinct breeds of dogs.
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Like Owner, Like Dog: One Third Of US Dogs Are Obese, Cats Also Suffer Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
Obesity in pets mirrors that of humans, as do the reasons -- decreased physical activity, age, and an increased caloric intake, even genetic predisposition. Like humans, there are also many health problems associated with being obese, such as diabetes mellitus.
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Helping Your 'Good Old Dog' Navigate Aging Posted: 11 months ago by bingo
As dogs age, taking care of them becomes more difficult. Owners of aging dogs often struggle with their pets' dementia and incontinence — as well as navigating through the maze of end-of-life care decisions.

A good article on what to consider with your old pal.
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Interactive Toys for Pets Posted: 4 years ago by kamaloo
A list of interactive toys for cats, dogs, birds, ferrets and horses. With pictures.
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L.A. pets must be spayed or neutered Posted: 4 years ago by muppet
New law requires dogs, cats to be sterilized before reaching 4 months old
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Dogs save life of owner who slipped Posted: 2 years ago by stinkobinko
A man who slipped and broke his neck while walking his dogs was kept alive overnight after his two pets cuddled up to him to keep him warm.
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