Hey look! It says "gullible" on the ceiling! Posted: 6 months ago by yamz66
Stories from The Onion as interpreted by Facebook.

Some people just don't get satire.
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Posted: 6 months ago by Interesting:
It cracks me up that the Onion has such a finger on the pulse of America. The two top stories that bothered people? "Abortionplex" and Harry Potter stretching the series on for 7 more films. Maybe that is a sign that something is wrong with our priorities.

Also, I'm not sure if you realized this but Webster's removed the world "gullible" from the dictionary. It has been replaced by "WTF".
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Posted: 6 months ago by bcgrote:
LOL, I actually started to look at my ceiling!

Yeah, the number of people who either don't get satire and parody, and ALSO don't know what the Onion is, and yet are STILL allowed online seems to be growing! Halp us!
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