Abortion saved my life Posted: 5 months ago by plurk
I'm a mom, and I love my sons more than anything. And it is because I love them that I had an abortion at 20 weeks.
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Mexican Catholics protest abortion plan Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
Mexicans marched on Sunday against plans to legalise abortion in Mexico City, a move that has split opinion in the world's second-largest Roman Catholic country and drawn fire from the Pope.
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Italy investigates report baby lived through abortion Posted: 1 year ago by cecilberman
Italian officials are investigating reports that an infant survived an abortion, living for "a whole day" after having been left to die by hospital staff, the Italian Ministry of Health said.

The "premature newborn ... survived an abortion at 22 weeks of pregnancy," the ministry said, citing "media reports." Pregnancy normally lasts about 40 weeks.
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The real issue behind the abortion debate Posted: 3 years ago by tundramonkey
In the last presidential debate, Sen. Barack Obama, responding to a question about an abortion litmus test for Supreme Court nominees, unequivocally affirmed his support for the right to choose abortion. But then - and here is the part that made my heart flutter, nay, pound - he went on to connect the debate about abortion to the issue of ensuring equal pay for equal work.
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eBay auction to raise funds for defense of man accused of killing abortion doctor Posted: 2 years ago by cecilberman
“I really am hopeful that eBay can see that once this is up, that it is not a glorification of violence,” said auction organizer Dave Leach, an abortion opponent from Iowa. “If the auction stays up, it will only be because eBay has been shamed into recognizing the nonviolent nature of the items.”

Items organizers said were being donated for the auction include an Army of God manual that describes dozens of ways to shut down abortion clinics; and a prison cookbook compiled by Shelley Shannon, who is serving time for clinic arsons and bombings.
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Abortion pill soon ready for Vic women Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
The abortion pill RU486 will be available to Victorian women within weeks. But the drug will be restricted to cases considered clinically necessary because a surgical abortion is not appropriate.
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Despite being illegal, abortion rates higher in Mexico than they are in the US Posted: 3 years ago by theclansman
“These findings confirm research from other parts of the world – that making abortion illegal does not significantly decrease its frequency, it just makes it unsafe and puts women’s lives at risk,” said Fatima Juarez, the study’s lead author.
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Pope Benedict Calls for Worldwide Prayer Against Abortion Posted: 11 months ago by 2manyusernames
The pope claiming that only God can stop abortion has called for Christians around the world to join together and summon the power of Christ to save their "preborn" brothers and sisters.
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Australian Woman Faces Possible Trial Over Home Abortion Posted: 2 years ago by cb__
She and her boyfriend had each been charged with procuring an abortion, which carries a maximum penalty of seven years' jail.
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Court backs ban on abortion procedure Posted: 5 years ago by ReBoot
Breaking news. The Supreme Court upheld the nationwide ban on a controversial abortion procedure Wednesday, handing abortion opponents the long-awaited victory they expected from a more conservative bench.
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We'll Quit If Obama Lifts Bush Abortion Rules, say Doctors Posted: 2 years ago by Bingo
Some doctors who oppose abortion say they’ll quit their jobs if President Obama repeals Bush regulations that allow health care professionals to refuse to perform operations that are in opposition with their beliefs, NPR reports. A Christian Medical Association report found that “90% of those surveyed said they will quit their practices before violating their conscience.”
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Florida Mom Urges Ban On 80 Books On Atheism, Abortion and Homosexuality Posted: 4 years ago by sholom22
Eighty books in high school library stacks are corrupting students with tales of abortion, homosexuality and atheism. That's according to a West Palm Beach mother who has appealed to the school board to remove the books from the shelves of Dreyfoos and Royal Palm Beach high schools. [where's that Flordia category?]
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Catholic maternity wards 'face closure' if abortion law passes Posted: 3 years ago by muppet
Victorian Catholic Archbishop Denis Hart has warned today that Catholic hospitals could close their maternity departments if the State Government's proposed abortion law is passed.
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Art For Abortions Posted: 2 years ago by pocksucket
Aurelio Vallerillo-Sanchez is no gentleman art thief. He may have stolen a painting of the Virgin Mary, but it was not in the pursuit of fine art. Instead it was to pay for an abortion. An abortion for a 14 year old. A 14 year old that Vallerio-Sanchez had repeatedly raped.
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Catholic Nurse "Forced" To Assist In Abortion Procedure Posted: 2 years ago by suebe
A nurse is suing Mount Sinai Hospital, claiming the institution "forced" her to assist with an abortion, despite her pleas. "The hospital even exaggerated the patient's condition and claimed the woman could die if the nurse, a devout Catholic, did not follow orders, the nurse alleges in a lawsuit."
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South Carolina Working on Abortion Ultrasound Bill Posted: 5 years ago by escaflowne
Lawmakers in South Carolina are trying to pass a law where women looking to get an abortion will have to view ultrasound images of their fetus before going ahead with the abortion. This will include women who have been the victims of rape and incest.
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Woman Tweets Her Abortion Posted: 2 years ago by suebe
Angie Jackson decided to live-tweet her abortion to 'demystify' procedure. Not surprisingly she has received mixed reactions. Interview with her and links to her twitter account and YouTube video.
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Today's Face Of Abortion in China Posted: 2 years ago by suebe
Abortion is a problem in China as elsewhere. Previously abortions were mainly due to the legal limit on number of children. Lately more and more are young women, often with no sex education to speak of, resulting in multiple abortions
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Abortion pill approved in Italy Posted: 2 years ago by AutumnLotus
Italy's drug regulation agency has approved the use of the abortion pill RU486, also known as mifepristone, prompting protests from the Vatican.
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What Do Declining Abortion Rates Mean for Crime in the Future? Posted: 4 years ago by muppet
Really interesting theory about the relationship between legalized abortion and crime.
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Guns, Gays and Abortion Posted: 2 years ago by bingo
"If you think of abortion, gay rights and gun control as the Big Three, it seems to me the nation is moving in very different directions."

An interesting opinion column that I think nails the collective national opinion pretty good.
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