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Bamboo scaffolding
Artful scaffolding picked by plurk 5 months ago
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 Asia's Crazy Bamboo Scaffolding
Asia's Crazy Bamboo Scaffolding
Bamboo is still commonly used to create scaffolding for the construction of tall buildings in Asia. I guess workers compensation expects builders to wear parachutes. picked by ogri2003 4 years ago
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 Ever Think That Bamboo is a Useless Pest-like Plant? Think Again!
Ever Think That Bamboo is a Useless Pest-like Plant? Think Again!
Waterwheels made of bamboo scoop water in to bamboo troughs which deliver water to more bamboo. Farmers make their homes out of bamboo, make pens to house their animals out of bamboo, and feed the animals bamboo. The farmers themselves make meals of bamboo in bamboo cookers and serve them on bamboo plates. To wash down their meal they then drink a fermented bamboo drink. Read on, there are many mo... read full post picked by narfpie 5 years ago
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