Kansas Lawmaker Says Women Should Plan Ahead For Rape: ‘I Have A Spare Tire’ Posted: 6 months ago by Bornbad
During the House debate, she “questioned whether women would buy abortion-only policies long before they have crisis or unwanted pregnancies or are rape victims.” But state Rep. Pete DeGraaf (R) was ready with a shocking retort. DeGraaf said women should plan ahead for situations such as rape because, after all, “I have a spare tire on my car“:
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Swagger Like Us: Should Women Be More Like Men or Not? Posted: 2 years ago by Bornbad
For decades, women have been told just to get ahead in an unjust system -- but should they be amplifying their aggression to mimic successful men?
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Sex starved women rape a Man in church Posted: 2 years ago by hoosker
Three women kidnapped an 18-year-old man in Chitungwiza and forced him to be intimate with one of them at a cathedral in Harare’s city centre on Tuesday,
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Go Topless - Equal Topless Rights For Women (NSFW) Posted: 3 years ago by DoggyLives
We are a US organization, claiming that women have the same constitutional right to be bare chested in public places as men.

While this sounds a bit frivolous I really think it raises a damn good point. Why should it be ok for a man to go topless but not a women? Because the western world has sexualised a womans body so much that it's considered wrong?
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Indiana GOP Rep Says Women Will Pretend To Be Raped To Get Free Abortions Posted: 8 months ago by NoPantsMan
Indiana republicans proposed a law which would create "some of the tightest abortion restrictions in the nation". Democrats tried to add an amendment exempting cases of rape or incest. The amendment was shot down because the R's are convinced that women would falsely claim rape to get an abortion.
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Rape victim forced to pay for rape kit - now dealing with nasty collection agents Posted: 3 years ago by bernardblack
A 44-year old woman is raped by a 15-year old. A rape kit is done to obtain evidence, evidence which helped convict the rapist. Although the woman was assured she wouldn't be billed for the kit, she was and is. After being a victim of rape, she is now being asked to cough up almost $2000
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Women and The Women Who Like Them Posted: 5 years ago by musicgirldani
In Britain, a survey was done using thin models and larger models. More women chose the thinner models stating they gave a better impression than the larger models. No survey of cocaine use was included.
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Abortion pill soon ready for Vic women Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
The abortion pill RU486 will be available to Victorian women within weeks. But the drug will be restricted to cases considered clinically necessary because a surgical abortion is not appropriate.
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Rape Webstreamed Posted: 3 years ago by 2manyusernames
Phoenix police arrested Johnathon Richard Hock on charges of rape. He was drinking with a girl at a party. When the girl went to sleep he went into her room, turned his laptop on and proceeded to rape her while streaming the crime. She never woke up during the ordeal.
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One Hundred Million Missing Women Posted: 2 years ago by equinox
In India, China and sub-Saharan Africa, millions upon millions of women are missing. They are not lost, but dead: victims of violence, discrimination and neglect. Women who are dead because their lives were undervalued.
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Who decides who the top sexy women in the world is? Posted: 5 years ago by mikewall
Who are the top sexy women in the world?
The number of searches each lady gets on the internet is the criteria we use to determine who the most beautiful women in the world are.
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Suntanned women to be arrested under Islamic dress code Posted: 2 years ago by cecilberman
Brig Hossien Sajedinia, Tehran's police chief, said a national crackdown on opposition sympathisers would be extended to women who have been deemed to be violating the spirit of Islamic laws. He said: "The public expects us to act firmly and swiftly if we see any social misbehaviour by women, and men, who defy our Islamic values. In some areas of north Tehran we can see many suntanned women and young girls who look like walking mannequins.
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Aged one to ninety - the Congo rape epidemic has only gotten worse Posted: 3 years ago by bernardblack
First discussed last year, the horrific pattern of repeated rapes my multiple militias of women in the Congo has reached even worse depths. Entire villages have had most of the men killed and all of the women raped many many times.
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Why Some Women Wear Too Much Perfume Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
Women who doll up with too much perfume might not know it because they're depressed. "Our scientific findings suggest that women who are depressed are also losing their sense of smell, and may overcompensate by using more perfume."
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Working women say their marriage is richer for it Posted: 2 years ago by lynxears
EVER since Betty Friedan urged women to leave the house and pursue careers, people have argued over whether women’s marriages and romantic prospects would suffer for it. Was a financially successful woman a threat to her husband or a relief?
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Blonde women make men less clever Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
Blonde women really do make men lose their heads, according to scientists. Tests showed that men performed worse after they were shown pictures of fair-haired women, most likely because they believed they were dealing with someone less intelligent.
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Should Obama Consider Gender for White House Picks? Posted: 3 years ago by JoshSF49
Many women's groups are worried about Obama's picks for his White House staff. Apparently, there's not enough women.

Should he pick the right person for the job? Or the right gender?
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Women become more racist when they're ovulating Posted: 11 months ago by stinkobinko
Have women evolved to protect themselves from sexual assault?
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Women 'are facing extinction' in rural England, leaving thousands of bachelors in crisis Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
The countryside is in crisis. But for once it isn't the threat of disease to livestock, the purchasing power of the supermarkets or house building plans that is ruining rural England. It is the extinction of that species so integral to a thriving village life - the eligible young woman.
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14 year old accuses boy of rape. She gets arrested and charged with rape. Posted: 3 years ago by 2manyusernames
Her side is that the 13 year old boy forced himself on her. His side is that it was consensual. There were no witnesses. At this point, she is being charged with rape as Kansas law says sex, even if consensual with anyone under 14 is rape.
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Mass. court: Sex by fraud is not rape Posted: 5 years ago by AutumnLotus
Massachusetts' highest court says a man who impersonated his brother to have sex with the brother's girlfriend cannot be convicted of rape.
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