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 Bill Lets Parents Edit Children's FB Pages
Bill Lets Parents Edit Children's FB Pages
A California bill would require social sites such as FB (and Plime?) to take down any info or picture within 48 hours from pages created by minors if the parents ordered the site to do so. picked by 2manyusernames 5 months ago
tags nanny social california privacy freedom
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5 months ago
Or maybe the parents should try teaching their kids to be responsible and not post any pictures...nah!
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5 months ago
I can already edit my kids facebook pages. They were only allowed to get facebook if they gave me the passwords. And the only computer in our house with internet access is in the dining room, so we can see what's going on. Do I think my kids might set up another account on a friend's computer? My daughter probably could, but she is very trustworthy, and can't keep a secret anyway. My son has Asperger's, and has rigid rules of right-and-wrong. He's only had facebook since his 13th birthday last month, anyway.
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