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 Don't Want Your Baby Anymore?
Don't Want Your Baby Anymore?
Lock it in this box with holes. picked by suebe 5 months ago
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5 months ago
Wow, where to start on this one!

First, dumping babies is a crime there. So what parent(s) are going to "go to the hospital and sign the forms" required? Is THAT the only legal way?

We have had "Safe Harbor"places in SoCal for YEARS now, and there are waaaay fewer babies "thrown out". A parent can legally drop the kid off at the Safe Harbor, which includes fire stations, no questions asked (well, at least tell us the kid's name, date of birth maybe..). The kids are then fostered and adopted.

Far better that a baby be "placed in a box with holes in" than left out in the wilderness to become hyena chow! A small infant would no more be traumatized by spending 30 minutes in the box than it would in a playpen!

Sigh. It's still too much to hope for true equality. It seems that ANYTHING a woman produces is not honored on the dark continent.
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5 months ago
You have got to be kidding me.
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