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 VenomousVagina Murder Plot
VenomousVagina Murder Plot
A man is claiming that after an argument his wife tried to kill him by dousing her vagina with poison and asking him to service her. picked by 2manyusernames 6 months ago
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 Teeth... aka The Vagina Dentata
Teeth... aka The Vagina Dentata
Well this movie certainly looks interesting.
More on the vagina dentata here.
[edit]nsfw if your office frowns on the word vagina. Vagina. VA.GI.NA! picked by gnikgnok 4 years ago
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 Vagina Dentata
Vagina Dentata [video]
Here is the trailer for Teeth a rather unusual comedy horror movie about a woman who has the mythical vagina dentata

During a violent encounter, Dawn, a high school student active in a chastity group, discovers that she has a toothed vagina. The films explores her experiences, both positive and negative. picked by 2manyusernames 4 years ago
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 The Vagina Lady
The Vagina Lady
This is for you, suebe.

The Vagina Lady makes vagina art, rallies about vaginas, dresses as a vagina and I have to wonder if she might be the familiar face in a *certain* overused themepic.

(hm, suebe, do you by any chance have a sister on the ever-colourful Gold Coast?) picked by Ellz 4 years ago
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 Young women 'seeking vagina surgery'
Young women 'seeking vagina surgery'
More young Australian women are embracing "vaginal rejuvenation" surgery. "Most of the younger women we used to see were what I call the professionals - the pole dancers, the strippers, whose parts have to be in good shape because it's part of their act,". picked by AutumnLotus 4 years ago
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