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 15th century book turns up in Utah
15th century book turns up in Utah
Rare-book dealer Ken Sanders has seen more than his share of old books. But he's never seen one in Utah quite like ancient tome that made his jaw drop last weekend.

Will not allow me to add a pic..... picked by mutil8or 6 months ago
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 Utah Man Prepares to Die by Firing Squad
Utah Man Prepares to Die by Firing Squad
Convicted Utah killer Ronnie Lee Gardner, who asked to be executed by a firing squad, has made an unsuccessful attempt to have his sentence commuted and is scheduled to be shot at 12:01 am tomorrow.

update to: picked by missy1979 1 year ago
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 The Utah Baby Namer
The Utah Baby Namer
An online help for parents looking for that distinctive
name that says "I'm a Utah Mormon!"
I like Antrim Zeezrom-and that's just the first name. picked by misswinkle 4 years ago
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 The Best Of Books That Never Were
The Best Of Books That Never Were
These are books that never existed, rather than famous works of fiction.

Books, TV and Film regularly reference fictional books that were never written in our world but are very real to the characters in the story. Help us assemble a veritable library of books that never were! picked by holotone 5 years ago
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