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 Taking Cars Out of Times Square Really Improved the Air
Taking Cars Out of Times Square Really Improved the Air
Back in 2009 Mayor Bloomberg prohibited vehicle traffic on Broadway between 42nd Street and 47th Street in Times Square to create a pedestrian plaza (video here). Now, the city's most recent Community Air Survey found that, "After the conversion to a pedestrian plaza, NO pollution levels in Times Square went down by 63 percent while, NO2 levels went down by 41 percent." picked by zircon77777 6 months ago
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6 months ago
Hello there, Captain Obvious!*

A bit weird though that just NOx is mentioned, and not sulfur dioxide, fine particulate air polution and ozone.

*The author of the article, not you Zircon
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6 months ago
Meh. Problem is only placed somewhere else.
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6 months ago
« DoggySpew:Meh. Problem is only placed somewhere else.
No kidding. I rarely drive in the city, but I took my mom to a show in December in the Times Square area. I had to drive far out of my way just to be able to turn into the street where the garage was. Granted, it's fun for the tourists, but for the drivers, it's a nightmare.

I'm all for pedestrian space, but I'm glad they put the brakes on a proposed plaza in the Herald Square area. It's just in the wrong place.
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6 months ago
at first I read that as "no pollition levels went down" but then I realized why the N-O were capitalized. lol.
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6 months ago
This is surely an inevitable result though?
This needs to be rolled out for a longer, more permanent period in order to see the real benefits.
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