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 Man Catches On Fire in a Porn Shop
Man Catches On Fire in a Porn Shop
A man watching a video, was engulfed in flames and ran out of a San Francisco porn shop. picked by suebe 8 months ago
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8 months ago
After reading the headline I'm wondering "What is "on fire" and how do you get off of it?"
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8 months ago
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8 months ago
« BLANSETTBABE : After reading the headline I'm wondering "What is "on fire" and how do you get off of it?"
*reminds self not to post while on a conference call*
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8 months ago
the owner of the store was quoted as saying "doesn't surprise me, our stuff is hot! hot! hot!"
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8 months ago
This might curtail some of his, umm, activites, in the near future depending on where the burns are.
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8 months ago
[Insert "Burning Bush" joke here]
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8 months ago
« bcgrote:[Insert "Burning Bush" joke here]
A Muslim, a Baptist, and a Catholic walk into a bar.

The Catholic says, "I heard President Bush is giving a speech here this week. I wonder if he'll be using an interpreter."

The Baptist says, "Yeah, to translate it into English."

They have a few more drinks and the Baptist says, "I wonder if they'll show it on a wide screen television. They call him the 'Big Picture President' you know."

The Catholic answers, "I doubt it. His 'big picture' could fit on the head of a pin."

After few more drinks, the Baptist comments, "Maybe someone should shove that pin up his ass."

The Catholic responds, "He'd squeal louder if they shoved a jalapeno pepper up his ass."

The Baptist says, "Yeah, a jalapeno. Talk about a Burning Bush!"

With that, an FBI agent arrests the Catholic and the Baptist for threatening bodily harm to the Sole Commander in Chief of the United States, and takes them both into custody.

The bartender looks at the Muslim and says, "Wow! Can you believe that?"

The Muslim replies, "That's nothing. John Poindexter was convicted of lying to Congress, obstruction of justice, and destroying Federal evidence about the criminal conspiracy to sell arms to Iran, and Bush just appointed him Director of the Pentagon's Total Information Awareness Office."

[On Friday, December 6th, 2002, Richard Humphreys of Portland, Oregon was sentenced to 37 months in prison for "threatening to kill or harm the President" after telling this joke during a bar room discussion.]

Does this qualify for Godwin's law?
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8 months ago
Doctor, I was down in the Mission district, and now I have this burning sensation...
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8 months ago
Can it get more embarrassing?
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7 months ago
at least the store suffered "zero damage"
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7 months ago
I thought spontaneous combustion was a myth :)
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