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 McDonald's Managers Charged With Selling Stolen Identities to Prospective Workers
McDonald's Managers Charged With Selling Stolen Identities to Prospective Workers
In a perfect example of how far and what risks employers will take advantage of illegal immigrants, two McDonald's managers were arrested for selling stolen IDs to undocumented aliens so they could work. picked by 2manyusernames 6 months ago
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6 months ago
Many of my clients are undocumented aliens (the PC term for illegal immigrants). Most buy their fake SSN cards for a few hundred bucks. Some make up numbers to give employers. Employers for the large part turn a blind eye to this, especially when the market is tight or they want to save on labor costs.

One thing I've gained in several years on this job is an appreciation for people willing to leave their homes, enter a country illegally, and carve out a living in order to support their family. For nearly all of them, there are no opportunities at home. Coming to the U.S. is the only option. NAFTA and other policies (e.g. the "war on drugs") created the situation from which they try to escape.
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6 months ago
My family came here legally from a wartorn country. We didn't need to break any laws, neither do these "undocumented" workers. They come here as criminals right off the bat, doesn't bode well for their future place in society.
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