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 Is it torture? Those who decide have not felt it
Is it torture? Those who decide have not felt it
Those who approve "enhanced interrogation techniques" probably have a flawed idea of whether this constitutes torture, because few have felt the pain these methods can cause, researchers reported Monday. picked by midnightbliss10 6 months ago
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6 months ago
Torture is just too vague a term. Even the legal definition is vague which is why there can be debates on what is and isn't "torture".

Simply being in prison would be torturous to most of us. In fact the idea of long term imprisonment would be more torturous to me than waterboarding.
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6 months ago
"Obvious? What does that mean? We need to do a study!"
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6 months ago
How about asking the same definition I ask spouses when they want to know "what is cheating?" In that case, I ask a husband, "how would you feel if your wife did it?" If he's upset, then it's cheating when he does it.

If we would call it torture should it be done to our troops or citizens, then it's torture when we do it to the citizens of other countries.

Justice Scalia says it's not torture because we were using it to get information, as though the ends not only justifies the means, but changes the definition. I guess, in his mind, it's only torture if you do it for amusement.
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