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 Chernobyl's Tragic Legacy
Chernobyl's Tragic Legacy
An intelligent, lively four-year-old with almost no lymphatic system, his limbs swollen into monstrous trunks; a toddler whose torso blossoms into a tumor that cannot be removed, since his kidneys are contained within it; a baby born with its brain outside its body; children slithering around the floor, wordless pack animals, groaning and rolling, eating from bowls like dogs. picked by zircon77777 6 months ago
tags chernobyl radiation effects
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6 months ago
I just watched the photographer's slide show, and I don't know how I can ever stop crying for those children. What else can I possibly say?
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6 months ago
Wow. Those photos are incredibly powerful.

I got chills.
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6 months ago
really good
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