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 Nike plans Cheech & Chong shoe
Nike plans Cheech & Chong shoe
'High tops' I hope. picked by Bornbad 8 months ago
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8 months ago
I'm pretty sure you can find hemp shoes already for sale.

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8 months ago
Here's a good, but slightly-misguided post by a friend from a few years ago:

I only say slightly-misguided because, unlike Dan, I do know Tommy's youngest daughter from meeting her while Tommy was in prison, and saw the awful effect his completely-misguided imprisonment had on his family, and his future prospects.

But Dan brings up some valid, and entertaining points, as usual.
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8 months ago
Made of weed?
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8 months ago
They can change their slogan to "Just smoke it"
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7 months ago
Great Idea.
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