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 Almost a Year After Oil Disaster Began, Journalists Are Still Being Barred From Beaches by BP's Hired Guns
Almost a Year After Oil Disaster Began, Journalists Are Still Being Barred From Beaches by BP's Hired Guns
"You have to get permission from central command to come on here, and then you'll probably have to be escorted by an official," the security guard tells me.
"How hard is it to get permission?"
"Usually pretty hard." She says a local reporter couldn't get through recently. picked by B-MoreRavensFan 7 months ago
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7 months ago
It's for their own safety.
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7 months ago
« zircon77777:It's for their own safety.
Journalists expect to encounter some dangerous situations as part of the job description. Look at any war correspondent... they are there to report the news regardless of their personal safety. I think reporting on tar balls on Gulf Coast beaches is much safer than reporting from the war zone of Libya. "Safety" is BP's excuse to keep the full extent of their oil spill damage covered up... perhaps your comment was a tongue-in-cheek April Fools?
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7 months ago
Um... BP doesn't have any authority whatsoever to enforce any such thing unless it is authorized and approved by the government. So trying to point fingers at BP is pretty naive.
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6 months ago
Oh phew, I was getting worried that everyone had forgotten about this spill. What with everyone freaking out due to Japan's energy situation, I was beginning to think nobody remembered that BP lost a bunch of oil into the Atlantic.

That they still managed to access the beach with no problems makes me thing the whole "no access" story was a bit overblown, though.
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6 months ago
What's with the ads for a sex shop in the middle of the article, featuring a picture of a battery powered device? Yeah, the article is about how all the people living near the gulf coast are getting screwed by BP, but that's a different kind of screwed.
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