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 The Moderate Muslim's Fate
The Moderate Muslim's Fate
Anti-Muslim feeling in the US, whether justified or not, falls into a received pattern of domestic prejudice. This marks Islam’s baptism by fire as an American religion. Ten years from now there are likely to be books written and television programs made about the shameful history of anti-Muslim sentiment, by which time Islam will have become naturalised within it because of today’s debate. picked by 2manyusernames 1 year ago
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1 year ago
i'd rather be in the part of history books 'being mean' to a group a people... than the part of history books murdering thousands of innocent people.
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1 year ago
Sounds like someone missed the point.

Sergeant Spellitout says: there are some crazy Muslims out there who want to kill people who don't believe the same way they do, but that's not most Muslims.

Now take the word "Muslim" in the last sentence, and replace it with "Christians" or "atheists." It's equally true.

There's no reason to be a jerk to every Muslim, Christian, or atheist just because a small percentage of each groups is comprised of sucky people.

"Be mean to a group of people" and "murder thousands of innocent people" are not the only options.

/The More You Know...
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