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 Associated press to track, charge for news content
Associated press to track, charge for news content
Starting in November, AP text stories will contain a 'beacon' that will allow tracking where their news go. Sources submitting to AP can opt in too. "This is a pivotal step in the fight to ensure that quality journalism can be funded in the digital era," said Tom Curley, AP's chief executive. "We have stood by too long and watched other people make money off the hard work of our journalists."

What will this mean for Plime? picked by meggysue 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Due to the death of the newspaper.
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2 years ago
Not too much of a surprise really.

A reaction to protect their work and livelihood.
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2 years ago
It sounds like they're going after sites who publish complete articles. I hope they don't revisit their plan from earlier this year to charge by the word for quotes from AP stories. ($12.50 for quotes of 5 to 25 words)

Just about everyone includes a link to the original when quoting stories. This brings traffic in, and AP will be shooting themselves in the foot if they harass the little guy for Fair Use quotes. I know the first thing I'll drop is the link back to the AP story.
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