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Welcome Moe to the 50 Club!!! Posted: 5 months ago by
Yeah!!! Been waiting for you!!! Party time!!! forumimage('','xhttpwwwpixelbiscuitcommissizebulonjeff1profilejpg'); forumimage('','xhttpi53tinypiccomvziqg0jpg'); for prosperity......
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Plime will be moving to Worth1000 this week Posted: 5 months ago by
Plime will be moving into archive mode this week. It will still be available for you to read past posts, but no new activity will be allowed. Please get settled into your new home so we can move forward on this. Plime will be a totally separate arena/topic. You can access it directly from the url or if you add it to your subscribed arenas, it will appear in as well. Please let us know if you have any questions. Best way to contact me...
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We will survive Posted: 5 months ago by
My friends and myself are working on a web site to replace Plime. It is still in the talking stages but will rise in this next few months. I'm hoping you will support it and be members. Email me at I love you all and hope we can make this work next time around. P.S. Jax, if you want to help with startup me.Thanx...BB...
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FAF - Fancy Avatar: Final (Starting now) Posted: 5 months ago by
No vote needed. Just replace your current Avatar with the one you want to be your last Plime Avatar ever. Kind of like I did....
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We've moved!! Posted: 3 years ago by
June 3, 2011 - We've moved. Come visit us here If you are new to Plime, take a moment and Introduce yourself And please, read the FAQs before posting! Looking for a forum thread? Here is a collection of links to popular and useful Plime forum threads. If you have suggestions/comments, please post them here *First sticky by a Plimate- w00t!!* forumimage('
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Why am I here? Posted: 5 months ago by
I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Why are you Pliming? Give me your best reasons. I'm not here for the points(that is obvious since the points are no longer valid). I love to read your responses. So...respond bi tches!*p.s. I finally saw "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" today. I laughed my ass off.*...
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The NEW animated GIF thread (NSFW) Posted: 2 years ago by forumimage('','xhttpi244photobucketcomalbumsgg12spamtrampvacaka0ceabb6gif'); Original: /f/2222/1/ ...
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UP VOTE FEST!!! Posted: 5 months ago by
lol as a going out party... anyone wanna self indulge and post after post upvote everyone and see how high we can get? lets all huff some upvotes... ::thinking it will have the opposite effect and i will be massively downvoted for the delinquent suggestion::...
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Suggested Category Tree Posted: 5 years ago by
+ Arts
- Animation
- Culture
- Do It Yourself
- Literature
- Photography
- Photoshop

+ Entertainment
- Games
- Gossip
- Movies
- Music
- Television
- Webcomics

+ Food and Drink

+ Health

+ Money
- Bargains
- Business

+ Natural World
- Environment
- Nature
- Weather

+ Science
- Discovery
- Nature
- History
- Space

+ Sport
- Extreme Sports

+ Stuff
- Humour
- ...
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Bumpage Posted: 4 years ago by
Well, it appears I am bumpage addict. Since this irritates some of us I start to link here when I feel like bumping up something instead of actually bumping it up. Please join if you find something interesting in ancient plime history....
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It Doesn't Need A Thread Of Its Own MMMMCMXCIX Posted: 10 months ago by
Another thousand comments in just 4 months filled up the previous installment . Continue here at your leisure....
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final confessions Posted: 5 months ago by
Just exactly who were all these comedy accounts? I had a Moocow one and another I can't recall. Anyone else?...
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The last EVER (well maybe until someone starts another) Plime thread Posted: 5 months ago by
We're moving!!! No more "we're fixing it, don't sweat" errors. A FAQ that's a FAQ! I will still bleed green and purple....
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The PLIME REAL MAN AUTHORITY Posted: 4 years ago by
All, As this thread made painfully clear, some members of Plime are somewhat less than REAL MEN. In order to set right this terrible wrong, and to be sure our younger male members from following the wrong path and becoming incurable GIRLY-MEN Quiche-eaters, some of the more manly members of Plime have formed the PLIME REAL MAN AUTHORITY. The council: STEELSHOOTER: (Because I said so!) HOOSKER: One look at the AV and you know why he is here BORNBAD: Even if you aren't a girl-scout, you know how much ...
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The Kitty Research Posted: 1 year ago by
Continued from here . When it is this long, it is no longer just an experiment, this deserves to be called Research. forumimage('','xhttpi927photobucketcomalbumsad118deltaspamtrapdeltaa52040e6jpg');...
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Dangerous Curves, Precarious Balances (Now NSFW) Posted: 4 years ago by
Post some pictures about dangerous curves. A few examples to start somewhere:,-1936-30SO.jpg forumimage(',-1936-30SO.jpg','xhttpwwwldesigncomimagesessaysonrealityonreality20part206oceano193630sojpg'); forumimage('
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I'd like you all to meet Maddison Posted: 4 years ago by forumimage('','xhttpi179photobucketcomalbumsw295davbobp1010009jpg'); Born 12.50am on 02/01/08 or if you are American 01/02/08. She is 6lb and hasn't cried once since she was born. Claire is doing great, still in hospital having a rest before coming home tomorrow....
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Mini Me (baby Plimate) Posted: 1 year ago by
Waters have broken...... like a tsunami...... blackbird has spoken la di dah dahhhh Off to hospital in a bit to have a baby see you all in the morning :)...
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The super drama thread before going to Worth Posted: 8 months ago by
I hereby flame all of you! This is me trolling at you!I typed something and then changed my content hoping to make something you type look awful out of its original content! Did you hear the rumors? I'm spreading it!...
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The Newest New Introduce Yourself Here Thread Posted: 2 years ago by
Old thread is here and is now closed for posting. Please, introduce yourself here. Tell us a bit about you....
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A story told with just pictures Posted: 3 years ago by
Pick three to five photos or artworks and link them to write your chapter of this story. Try not to use words unless you have to. forumimage('','xhttpwwwswoyersartcomjameschristensenonceupon775ajpg');...
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PLIME FAQ Posted: 5 years ago by
EDIT (09/14/2008): New, cross-referenced FAQ (under construction) available here . -sk -------------------------------------------- This is what we have put together so far, all up front so that no one has to search through the forums to find what they need. If you have a question that is not on here, please ask so that we can add it to the list. If any of these can be worded more clearly, please let me know and I will edit them differently according to your suggestions. How do you pronounc...
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Post Some Funny Pictures XIX Posted: 8 months ago by forumimage('','xhttpi927photobucketcomalbumsad118deltaspamtrapdeltae7f8330ejpg');...
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The Newer than The Newest What Made You Smile Today Thread Posted: 1 year ago by
Continued from here...
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Memorial Day: Not just a Monday holiday Posted: 5 months ago by forumimage('','xhttpwwwanniemayhemcomblog20picsmemorialdaycartoonjpg');...
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