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About Plime
Plime is an editable wiki community where users can add and edit weird and interesting links. Users earn karma when other users vote on their actions. The more karma you have, the more power you have at Plime.

[ ] Plime will be moving to Worth1000 this week

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titlePlime will be moving to Worth1000 this week
textPlime will be moving into archive mode this week. It will still be available for you to read past posts, but no new activity will be allowed.

Please get settled into your new home so we can move forward on this.

Plime will be a totally separate arena/topic. You can access it directly from the url or if you add it to your subscribed arenas, it will appear in as well.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Best way to contact me is to login to Worth1000 and message me from there (same username - StaffTech.)

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