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Marathon Champion, Grete Waitz Has Died Posted: 6 months ago by suebe
Grete Waitz, the Norwegian marathoner who won the New York City Marathon nine times, died today at age 57. She had been battling cancer for the past six years and passed away in Oslo.
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"Piss Christ" Vandalized After Christian Protest Against "Blasphemy" Posted: 6 months ago by B-MoreRavensFan
When New York artist Andres Serrano plunged a plastic crucifix into a glass of his own urine and photographed it in 1987 under the title Piss Christ, he said he was making a statement on the misuse of religion. Controversy has followed the work ever since, but reached an unprecedented peak on Palm Sunday when it was attacked with hammers and destroyed after an "anti-blasphemy" campaign by French Catholic fundamentalists in the southern city of Avignon.
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Super Rich See Federal Taxes Drop Dramatically (Actual AP Headline) Posted: 6 months ago by B-MoreRavensFan
Happy Tax Day! (actually, day after) With an odd element of fanfare, the Associated Press wants you to know one thing about America's tax code: it's broken and everybody knows it.
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Now In Production: Human Skin Grown In a Robot-Controlled German Skin Factory Posted: 6 months ago by zircon77777
Robots and computers control the skin-making process, which takes place in a sterile, climate-controlled setting. The skin broth is closely monitored for any signs of infection and computers guide the lasers and blades that cut swatches of skin.
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Teen Keyboard Performer Stabs, Kills Self as Crowd Looks On Posted: 6 months ago by zircon77777
Open mic night ended in a horrific tragedy as 19-year-old Kipp Rusty Walker took his own life Thursday night at a Bend coffee house.
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VenomousVagina Murder Plot Posted: 6 months ago by 2manyusernames
A man is claiming that after an argument his wife tried to kill him by dousing her vagina with poison and asking him to service her.
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Fallout Continues Over Obama-Chimpanzee Email Posted: 6 months ago by drogue
The controversy continues over the Obama-chimpanzee email sent by Southern California Tea Party activist and member of the central committee of the Orange County Republican Party, Marilyn Davenport.
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15th century book turns up in Utah Posted: 6 months ago by mutil8or
Rare-book dealer Ken Sanders has seen more than his share of old books. But he's never seen one in Utah quite like ancient tome that made his jaw drop last weekend.

Will not allow me to add a pic.....
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Taking Cars Out of Times Square Really Improved the Air Posted: 6 months ago by zircon77777
Back in 2009 Mayor Bloomberg prohibited vehicle traffic on Broadway between 42nd Street and 47th Street in Times Square to create a pedestrian plaza (video here). Now, the city's most recent Community Air Survey found that, "After the conversion to a pedestrian plaza, NO pollution levels in Times Square went down by 63 percent while, NO2 levels went down by 41 percent."
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Whatever Happened To The Anti-War Movement? Posted: 6 months ago by zircon77777
The United States is knee-deep in at least three international military conflicts at the moment — in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

American lives are being lost. Innocent civilians are being killed. Several of the engagements appear to be primed for protraction. The wars are expensive in other ways, too.
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Man Catches On Fire in a Porn Shop Posted: 6 months ago by suebe
A man watching a video, was engulfed in flames and ran out of a San Francisco porn shop.
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Aging: Work Longer, Live Longer Posted: 6 months ago by midnightbliss10
a sense of purpose and meaning plays an important role in longevity,It is vital to have a cause to wake up to every morning," he said. "There has to be something to get you up and keep you engaged.
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Chinese Censors Crack Down on Time Travel Posted: 6 months ago by zircon77777
In a statement dated March 31, the State Administration for Radio, Film & Television said that TV dramas that involve characters traveling back in time “lack positive thoughts and meaning.” The guidelines discouraging this type of show said that some “casually make up myths, have monstrous and weird plots, use absurd tactics, and even promote feudalism, superstition, fatalism and reincarnation.”
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Move over Jesus, step aside Mary, Kate Middleton's face found on a mango jelly bean Posted: 6 months ago by Moe
What can I say?
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McDonald's Managers Charged With Selling Stolen Identities to Prospective Workers Posted: 6 months ago by 2manyusernames
In a perfect example of how far and what risks employers will take advantage of illegal immigrants, two McDonald's managers were arrested for selling stolen IDs to undocumented aliens so they could work.
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Marijuana causes global warming, uses 1% of U.S. electricity Posted: 6 months ago by 2manyusernames
a recent study is claiming that indoor marijuana growers use 1% of the US's total electric production as well as represent a major contributor to global warming
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Has Fox Gone Too Far? - Implies Obama Caused Suicde Posted: 6 months ago by 2manyusernames
College student commits suicide. Coincidentally it happen at the same time that Obama was making his budget speak. Fox reports the story with a not-very-subtle implication that Obama was the cause of the suicide.
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How Did Dinosaurs Have Sex? Posted: 6 months ago by suebe
Carefully, I would imagine.
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Last Two Speakers of Dying Language Refuse to Talk to Each Other Posted: 6 months ago by suebe
Ayapaneco is a dying language, once spoken in what is now the Mexican state of Tabasco. There are only two speakers left, both of whom live in the same village. And they refuse to talk to each other.
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How to Get a Real Education. By Scott Adams. Posted: 6 months ago by Bornbad
Forget art history and calculus. Most students need to learn how to run a business, says Scott Adams.
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Woman Mutilates Cat for Lady Gaga Costume Posted: 6 months ago by Bornbad
A 20-year-old Oklahoma woman killed and mutilated her family's cat, apparently so she could use its blood for an outfit to wear to a Lady Gaga concert. Talk about a "little monster"! But seriously, she killed a cat.
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Cat With Arrow Shot In Head Gets 8 More Lives Posted: 6 months ago by suebe
Max, a three-year-old cat from Santa Cruz, California, was missing for two days when he returned to his owners' house with the arrow already lodged in his skull. Otherwise he was behaving normally.
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France's Ban on Burqas Takes Effect: Infringement on Religious Freedom? Posted: 6 months ago by B-MoreRavensFan
In general we think laws are a good thing, because a lot of them are supposed to keep us safe and make our lives easier. But when the people behind a law acknowledge that enforcing it might cause more harm than good, does that law have a point? French officials have said that applying the country’s newly enacted ban on the burka, the full-face covering worn by some Muslim women, is going to be pretty hard to do, and will almost certainly have to be enforced on a case-by-case basis.
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Researchers Build "Big Bang in a Box" at University of Maryland Posted: 6 months ago by B-MoreRavensFan
“What we have done, with simple experimental geometry, is reconstruct the way that space-time expands,” said Igor Smolyaninov, who describes the model in a paper submitted to Physical Review Letters.
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Texas Anti-Gay Law Still on the Books Despite Supreme Court Ruling 8 Years Ago, Republicans Fighting to Keep it That Way Posted: 6 months ago by B-MoreRavensFan
In 2003, the Supreme Court handed down the landmark ruling Lawrence v. Texas, which struck down state sodomy laws and set a precedent that protects sex between consenting adults under the constitutional right to privacy. None of this seems to matter to Texas' Republican supermajority.
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