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Physicists measure spin of a single atom Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
U.S. physicists have succeeded in measuring the spin of a single atom, thereby bringing quantum computers and spintronic devices closer to reality.
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You Should Hire A Limo Driver When... (PICS) Posted: 4 years ago by deepcleanfun
Photos of hilarious accidents with a car
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Firefighters with way too much time on their hands Posted: 4 years ago by suckersklub
Spectacular (repeat: spectacular!) experiment with water pressure.
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I Hate Young People Posted: 4 years ago by misswinkle
It's your chance to rant and rave and vent about the younger generation. The most passionate and creative entries will be a part of a national cable television pilot...Not sure what to make of this.
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Soft Shoes Commercial Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
Funny commercial.
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Travis Barker Remix (Soulja Boy - Crank That) Posted: 4 years ago by 86Apex
A lot of stuff passes for music nowadays. This video shows Travis Barker making an unbearable song bearable with his skillful drumming.

In case you haven't heard the original, here's the link. Watch it at your own discretion. :P
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Unhappy? Grab some Ice-Cream. Posted: 4 years ago by 86Apex
"Employing voice stress analysis of the user’s answers to specific questions, varying degrees of unhappiness are measured and the counteractive quantity of ice cream is dispensed: The more unhappy you are, the more ice cream you need."
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Colbert Interviews Ron Paul Posted: 4 years ago by gammerus
RON PAUL! The republican candidate you probably haven't heard of.

“an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, nestled in a sesame seed bun of mystery.”
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History Of Branding Posted: 4 years ago by 86Apex
An informative page that gives you the history of well (and not so well) known companies.
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Drug connotation nixes license plate Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
A Nevada woman is going to court to keep her XSTACY license plates, saying they're not a drug reference as determined by state motor vehicles officials.
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Child Beheading Conviction Overturned Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
A divided appeals court Wednesday overturned the conviction and death sentence of a man condemned for killing and beheading his common-law wife's three children, because statements from his common-law wife, Angela Camacho, erroneously were allowed into evidence.
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Common Disease: Intolerance to Wheat. Posted: 4 years ago by muppet
Until recently, celiac disease was thought to be rare in this country. But in 2003, Dr. Alessio Fasano published a study showing that the ailment actually affects 1 in 133 Americans, or roughly 3 million people. Minor symptoms include diarrhea, bloating and abdominal cramping.
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2 computers stolen - 375,000 PA identities now at risk Posted: 4 years ago by Moe
Yet again. Ugh.
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First known planet to survive red-giant phase found Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
Astronomers have discovered the first known planet to survive its "red-giant" phase, a period when an aging star expands and engulfs bodies orbiting it. The discovery of the gas-giant planet three times the size of Jupiter offers a look at the future of our own solar system and what will happen to the Earth when the sun grows old and collapses.
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Elementary school teachers arrested for DUI on the way to morning classes Posted: 4 years ago by Moe
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Mars rover Opportunity starts trek into 230 foot deep crater Posted: 4 years ago by Moe
And in good news about us humans today...
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No hate crime charges in torture case Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
Instead, state charges are being filed -- sexual assault and kidnapping -- which carry stronger penalties than federal hate crime charges. The victim, Megan Williams, 20, is black and all six suspects are white, which had raised the possibility of the federal charges. Update on this story.
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Wobbles of Mars Produced 40 Ice Ages Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
Wobbles in the rotation of Mars swung the planet into about 40 extreme ice ages in the past 5 million years and allowed thick ice layers to remain far away from the poles.
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Why Are Commercials SO DANG LOUD!? Posted: 4 years ago by eljay
Here is a simple answer to one of life's great mysteries.
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And death by stupidity... Posted: 4 years ago by Moe
Do not ask me why or how I search for / find this stuff. I myself do not know.
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Death by ignorance... Posted: 4 years ago by Moe
How come I never heard about this? It is long, but well worth the effort to go through it all. I found myself yelling out loud at them in horror while I was reading it.
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Half-Naked Woman Tries to Steal Fire Truck. Posted: 4 years ago by muppet
A woman is admitted to the Sacramento mental hospital, after trying to drive off with a fire engine, half-naked.
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Surfer rescues dog swept off Mich. pier Posted: 4 years ago by punthe
A surfer rode a wave on his stomach to rescue a struggling dog that had been swept off a pier and into Lake Michigan by a wave.
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Eating less meat may slow climate change Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
Eating less meat could help slow global warming by reducing the number of livestock and thereby decreasing the amount of methane flatulence from the animals.
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Killing of pet pig leads to felony charge Posted: 4 years ago by muppet
The knifing of Porky prompted outraged calls of animal cruelty.

Poor guy. :(
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